my best friend has had a long affair

my best friend has had a long affair with my wife, i found out about it by accident, i have watched them without their knowledge. it excites me so much

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  • I was the affair guy with one of my married female friends and business associate. Her marriage was a sham anyway, but, her a******, know it all husband never had a clue that about half of the time she said she and I were going to a work meeting or function, we were either at my house or hotel room. Funniest thing was, he was suspicious and would accuse her of cheating on him with one or two other guys we knew, but, never the one who was actually nailing her; ME.

  • There is no way this is true. Unless you are some gay little f*** that happened to marry a woman. Anyone with decent mind would be crushed by such infidelity.

  • yer a faggggggggggggggggggggg


  • Good now you and your friend can dp your wife

  • Tell your wife and join in the fun!

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