How awesome

I think about killing myself
once or twice a day i think
it would be so much easer on my mom
if i was not around but then i think
if i leave who is gonna help her
my mom treats me like s*** i have dyslexia
and im clinically depressed and my mom can care less
she just thinks am lazy and stupid cause i stay in my
bedroom all day i doped out of school and im lying to the guy am in love with about who i am

Mar 2, 2011

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  • Trust me we've all had this feeling. You need to remember you are not alone and your mom may act like she doesn't care but really she is just hoping you will see it for yourself; life is worth living. You have so much time ahead of you, to fix things and make them what you want them to be. Take all the negative things in your life and change them into positive things. Remember, after every thunderstorm comes a rainbow. Cliche yes, but its true. Right now may seem like the hardest time of your life for certain reasons but just remember that it gets better. Think of the fact that people truly love you whether they show it well or not. You committing suicide would do a lot of damage in their lives, so do it for yourself and your loved ones. The future holds great things for you, just give it a chance to unfold.

  • KIlling yourself will leave behind a lot of hurt. The people you say you love will suffer greatly, then direct their anger toward your memory. It truly is a selfish act. Finding your way through these temporary feelings is most important. There is much good that can happen in the future if you let the future happen.

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