I hate you

I never went to college, yes, i slept with s- like 20 years ago in the 9th grade and it was no big deal but you can’t know because you’re an insecure ass. Besides that, you are the bigger w**** anyway. You f*** any thing that moves and you’re the one who brought genital warts into the equation. Am I supposed to miss you? Go manipulate someone else. Take your insecurities out on them. Take your h*** out on a new woman because you can’t tell if she’s going to s**** you over or not. They’ll all walk out on you. At your core, you ARE a good fellow- but honey, your neurosis has you in a chokehold and you have worn me out. You bore me. Go terrorize someone else. And you will. Because it’s what you do. You’re sick.

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  • Oooooh baby, you sound really desirable!

  • Link noodie pics, yo

  • Run. Both of you.

  • Sounds just a bit... jealous.

  • Uh huh. Make up your mind, OP, be hurt or be angry. Being both just leaves you tired.
    PS- doesn't look good to say "You're a bigger w**** anyway". All that does is affirm that you think of yourself as one. Careful about your word choice when you are emotional- it conveys more than you think.

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