After watching me boyfriend a little closer,

I know he's lying. Not only to me, to my friends, too. From the looks of it, he only lies to keep me from leaving him. He said if I left he would hurt himself. But if he's lying about looking for a job, what makes hurting himself a possibility?

I confess.. that I think I'm being played and used for my money, yet trapped to leave because of his immaturity to even hurt himself if I dump him.

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  • Your low self-esteem is amazing. Are you afraid of not having a boyfriend for a little while?? Or maybe, your lack of qualities makes you believe this is the best you can do?! How can you stay with a real loser???

  • Emotional blackmail isn't the best foundation for a good and lasting relationship. You are not responsible for his decisions. Get away. Now.

  • Leave him, he is just using the whole I'll hurt myself in a way to trap you, if you don't leave now it will only get worse! Build up the strength and walk away before he gets mentally obsessed with you and ends up hurting you. People who say they will hurt themselves just do it for attention, more then likely he won't do anything to himself.

  • I think you can be 95% sure that he's not actually going to hurt himself if you leave him, or if he does, he'll only be doing it to get back at you for leaving. Leave this guy!! He's trying to trap you, and you can't let him do it. His immaturity is not your responsibility.

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