Waking up with my friend

My best female friend is in her 30s, very good looking, blonde and slim. She knows I'm a h**** guy and I've confessed to her that I fancy her and that I sometimes m********* while thinking of her. She was first a bit weirded out (I don't blame her!) but since then she's kind of okay with it. Sometimes she's a bit of a tease and pretends to flirt with me, so I think she likes the thought of me fancying her. I dunno...maybe I'm wrong...

Anyway,once we stayed at a hotel and slept in separate beds which were next to each other. She cannot sleep without a sleep mask over her eyes, so she had one on...I've tried that mask myself and it's okay but one can easily see whats going by looking out at the sides of the mask. Anyway, in the morning when I woke up I had a hardon and just had to m*********. I first thought it was safe because she wore her eye mask. She lay on her back sleeping but was obviously also waking up becuase she was moving a bit and yawning, and once scratched her chin. But even so, I pulled my cover off, and my underwear and lay there completely naked stroking my rock hard c***. The thought of having her there right next to me made me so h****, and I imagined if she could see me through the mask. I tried to be as quiet as I could, and I could feel my heart racing faster and faster...I was h**** as h*** but also scared that she may be awake, and this fear just added to my excitetment. If she was awake she could easily see me just by turning her eyes towards me, and she would see me masturbating. I no longer cared...it was too wonderful. And suddely she turned her head a bit towards me, as if getting a better look, and I realised "oh no she's awake and sees me" and just then I climaxed and had the strongest o***** in my life. The fact that I desperately tried to be quiet just made it even more intense, and I breathed heavily, also out of fear, and I came over my stomach and chest...my c** really squirted like a little fountain. After that I drew my cover back on and pretended to wake up again...and just a minute afterwards she sighed, licked her lips and took off her eye mask, looked at me with her blue bright eyes and said cheerfully "mooorning sweety". The whole day she was her usual charming sweet self.

Even to this day, i am curious whether she saw something. this is now my best sexual fantasy, and i keep going back to that sunny morning almost every time i m*********...

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