Why are people stupid enough to use dope?

I used to work for the state and we used detainee female labor. These lady prisoners would help in the warehouse and many of these women were in for drug use. You could always tell the meth heads from the other dopers by their teeth. One pretty young girl who used and sold that s*** had every tooth in her head rotting out.

I mean women who used heroin looked better than she did at least dental wise. The crack heads looked better than her in fact.

My question is this. Does that s*** make you feel so good that you would ruin your looks and health?

I'd rather die than be on that s***.

Sep 28, 2016

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  • And I'd rather die than be a faceless unthinking cog in some soulless job.

    I could never get into anything harder than weed, but neither am I a clueless judgmental fuckstick. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

  • Ask them why they used drugs, instead of judging them! Everyone has a story to tell. Through knowing their life stories, you may realise, their reasons for using drugs.

  • Because some people don't have it as easy as you do, and feel the need to self-medicate. Most drug abuse happens due to undiagnosed mental illness. That's what "demons" are. When people are "fighting their demons" with drugs and alcohol, they're self-medicating a mental illness like depression.

  • The answer to your question is "yes". That's EXACTLY how good it makes you feel . . . for a few seconds. Then, it stops making you feel so good, and starts making your body insist that you have more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more.

  • And more?...

  • Fake

  • When you stop feeding the addict
    ..the person moves on to someone who will.

  • Addict to love s** etc etc

  • Dopamine surges, however you get them, are nice. Humans are animals and will crave them. Addiction is a b****.

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