Done did it 2

We stood there totally naked holding each others hands I reached forward and gave him another kiss and said thank you and he said no Thank YOu and we both smiled at each other and again our lips met.

I was right he told me he just turned 17 and he didn't ask how old I was and that I liked, he told me he loved my ass and my p**** was on fire for him and he commented on that. Asked if he could see me again and I told him when you come home after school see if I am in the yard and come on in. Here I sitting along side him with only my top on and no bottoms to my bikini, had no idea where they were and I ask him if he wanted to take a dip and cool off he said nothing but pulled me up with him and threw me into the pool, he followed and we swqam for qa bit and a lot of touching and he removed my top and threw it towards the chair and there we were both naked again, we both didn't cake for he was something to look at and being I'm fit and weigh 101 pounds 35-20-33 and when I wear a bra it's a c cup but I normally don't wear one he couldn't keep his hands and lips off them. and when he began to suck on my nipples I held his head to them for I loved the way he did it, using his tongue and all.

He heard his mom drive up in their truck so he had to go but he gave me a kiss and said tomorrow, I smiled and blew him a kiss as he left.

I finally found mt bottoms and it was now starting to cool down so I went inside, fell asleep on the couch. Dad woke me up when he got home at 9 and we had dinner and I went to bed.

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