Booze and beggars

My girlfriend and me and our boyfriends were driving around drinking and we stopped at a park and we started a weird version of truth or dare. most of the dares being my girlfriend and I making out or kissing each others t***. The guys were really hot for it. when we got back driving again we were driving through downtown and we stopped to walk around. there wasn't anyone around so our boyfriends made us do stuff again and they finally made us take off all our clothes and keep kissing each other. a few cars drove by and it was exciting but we weren't caught. we walked past these two sleeping homeless men and our boyfriends said to wake up the men and let them watch us having s** while we were naked. so the beggars woke up and our boyfriends gave them the rest of the beers they were drinking and my girlfriend and I started making out in front of them and playing with each others t*** then we did 69 eating each others p******. those beggars were rubbing their d**** and when one got up and tried to come closer to us we jumped up and started running away. we all laughed so hard when we got to our car again. but my girlfriend and I were both super wet.

move ahead a couple weeks and my girlfriend and I are driving home from another friends house and we said we wanted to do the beggar thing again. we drove around until we found more beggars and jumped out and stripped off our clothes, wiggled our a**** and jiggled our t*** at them and took off again. it was so exciting we couldn't believe how h**** it made us.

we didn't tell our boyfriends but we do this on the reg now but we've changed it up a bit. we get some bottles of wine or liquor to take with us. once we see some beggars (we now know a few regular places we know we'll find some) and we get out with the liquor and while she and I are naked and making out, we f*** each other in the ass with the bottles. then we tell the beggars that we'll let them have the wine or booze if they lick our a*******. we came up with that because we both think its hot but we'd never want to lick someones a****** and our boyfriends wouldn't either and these old drunk beggars will f****** do anything. there's even a homeless woman who will lick our a****.

there's this one man we have seen a couple times and he must have the longest tongue in the world because he really sticks it inside our a******* and really f**** us with his tongue. then we give them the bottle (that we had f***** our a******* with) and they drink out of it. it's gross but funny too. and having your a****** licked is really f****** awesome. my girlfriend wants to see if she can pee on one of them next. that would be hilarious but I get h**** just thinking about it.

Nov 6

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