Why does everyone treat me like a parasite?

I just feel sometimes that no one really likes me, that I just p*** everyone off. I'm crap at making friends. Everyone gets sick of me eventually, it's just some people stick around longer. No one really compliments me, i just listen as my family gush over how cute my little cousins are and how clever my older cousins are. I feel ashamed, but I sometimes boast just so people give me compliments, but they just look at me like I have sprouted wings. Oh, but when it comes to insults, it's not like that at all! I'm called annoying all the time at school, I make the smallest mistake and everyone has a go at me. I get called nosy all the time, it's like a pet name. I just can't do or say anything that people will compliment me on. I get bullied at school, as I have barely any friends. I keep how I feel to myself, no one would understand, they would just tell me to stop moaning. Why is it that when i do something good no one cares/notices, but when I make a mistake everyone just trips over themselves to criticise and insult me? And why is everyone in my year group so f***ing rude?!!

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  • You probly are annoying .. U seem to be

  • You're in high school (or middle school? you didn't mention), man. A lot of the people in high school are really cruel and immature. I was severely bullied in middle and high school, called names, picked on, attacked, harrassed, so I definitely understand where you're coming from. It's really hard to deal with. Try to be confident in yourself and build your self-esteem. Don't let anyone talk down to you, stand up for yourself! Also, you need to talk about this will someone you trust, be that your parents, a therapist, or a friend. Trust me, it will help you. Once you get out of high school the majority of people will be more sane and respectful, at least. I feel for you, man. Good luck!

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