I let a ** do me

I'm a heterosexual male and a while ago I let a ** ** me. I've always been quite sexually adventurous and knew that hitting the prostate is like hitting the gspot of a guy. So I took the plunge. And guess what... I liked it. At first it was kind of weird but then as she slowly pumped away and hitting my spot it starts to feel good. It's also the feeling that I'm the one being dominated that's adding to the kinkiness of it all. I didn't quite expect that I would like it... Although I am still repulsed by the thought of a man (or male looking) person ** me I'm quite ok with someone that's feminine looking.

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  • Am curious to try it myself

  • Sounds awesome. I'd be terrified I'd end up on Cops or something. But a good ** is great. The 'Clone-a-Willie' is even better.

  • you are just bi curious. i am bi-sexual, but i wouldn't ** a guy, it has to be a passable, **, **.

  • most trannies i can tell look like guys. Was this one really effeminate looking? also im pretty sure a lot of them dont even have a working ** that can get hard so im not even sure if you are being honest.

  • ** it man as long as you had a good time and nobodys gettin hurt why not!

  • Not quite as hetro as you thought, but it sounds like you had a good time.

  • thats good i look up to you for telling that!

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