Can't go back!

Got the s*** f***** out of me literally. I am a nerdy girl. twice a week I meet a group of people to do trivia at a bar. There has been a guy in the group hitting on me for awhile. Last week we both had too much to drink and I gave in. We went back to my place. I was shocked, this guy was hung like a donkey. He was hitting things deep in me that had never been touched. in the middle of f****** I was so excited I lost control of everything and s*** and p***** all over both of us and the bed. i immediately got up and ran into the bathroom crying. I stayed there until he left. I am terrified he told everyone in the group. I will never go back!

Nov 22, 2021

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  • Hey everybody? Hey everybody? I'm a nerdy girl! That really makes a difference to my dumb bullshit story! Because I'm a nerdy girl!!!!!

  • Oh God yes, it was so embarrassing! When I was a teenager my boyfriend begged me to let him f*** me in the ass. Finally I agreed. I was a virgin back there. After several attempts, a bottle of lube and lots of trying he finally got inside me. After some initial pain, I relaxed, it felt good and he f***** my ass just like my p****. After he got off inside me he pulled out and a river of lube, c** and p*** flooded out of my ass. It was all over us, the bed, everywhere. I was mortified!

  • I know how you feel. I have avoided my best friend for a month out of sheer humiliation. I am a married guy. Myself and my wife joined my best friend and his girlfriend for an evening at the bar. We ended up back at their place and the drinks turned into some skinny dipping in the hot tub. After some joking about swapping girls things actually got serious. We all went to the bedroom and actually swapped partners, having s** in the same room! Afterward us guys requested a girl/girl show. And boy did we get it. The girls went down on each other and even shared a huge double ended d**** as we watched!
    But... Then time came to pay the bill... After they gave us a show the girls demanded we give them a show. When we said "no way", they told us if we ever wanted this to happen again we better do it. And we did. After some back and forth play my best friend gave me a b******* until i got off in his mouth. Then it was my turn. After I sucked his c*** for awhile the girls interrupted and requested to see him f*** me in the ass. I ended up bent over the bed and my best friend f***** me in the ass until he shot his load inside me.
    After it was over I was so embarrassed. I have avoided him since that night.

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