I keep having nightmares of horrible things happening, like school shootings, and I wake up terrified or crying. I have nightmares about my girlfriend or pets dying in my arms and I can never save them. I've had so many of my close relatives die and I'm still only f****** 16. My girlfriend has depression, and I keep having nightmares of running to her house and getting there just after she's taken poison or stabbed herself and she bleeds out in front of me. I'm terrified of losing her, I'm terrified of anyone close to me dying, I'm just terrified in general. I hate this, I feel like a spend 2 hours a night balling my eyes out or screaming in my sleep.

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  • My impression is that, perhaps, you're exposed to too much television. I know, I know: everyone blames TV for all manner of ills, but sometimes it's perfectly true, and here, I think it is true. All those things you've been dreaming about are active in the culture and society at large, and they are reported ad nauseum (and with great and bloodthirsty enthusiasm) by the media, our movies and music mirror it, and even comedy shows pick up the theme and unintentionally reinforce it. All of this programming depicts the world as a dark and dangerous place, and you absorb and personalize it. You strike me as a thoughtful, intelligent and introspective person, so I think you tend to internalize what you see around you, and what you see around you is frightening, if only subliminally. Those thoughts and fears collect in your subconscious, and then they come out to play in the field of your dreams where you can't stop them. The best thing is to turn off your television (or unplug it and throw it out your window), but I know you can't do that. So, what I'll say is to be very, VERY selective in what you watch. FOX News, MSNBC, CNN? Gone. You'll be better off. Don't even watch the news shows on Comedy Central, and lay off the opening monologues and initial segments of Fallon, Kimmel, Meyers, Colbert, et al, where they are vomiting up their "humorous" takes on the news of the day: wait for the interviews......only. The less ugliness you see, the less ugliness you'll dream. Be well.

  • But I don't watch T.V. We don't even own one, and I don't live in America, so I don't get those channels. Thanks for your concern though.

  • I bet you're on social media, and that is just as bad. Stay off the internet and go out with your friends.

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