Wife Being Noticed

My wife is apparently the hot girl at her work. The thought of the other men checking her out kind of turns me on, I have no desire to share her with anyone else (she's my wife!), but knowing that I have what other men want and can't have is enjoyable.

This always pops in my head when ever we are f****** or, especially, when she is giving me a b******* (they are excellent!). Looking down into her eyes watching her suck and stroke, holding her head onto my c*** and watching her perfect t*** (36DD, I'm a b*** guy, it's heaven) heave up and down to the rhythm of her body, just makes the thought of other men coveting her but not being able to take her even better.

I'm a lucky man and do everything to make sure she is a happy woman!

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  • I love husbands like you, makes my life so easy. I'm the guy your wife talks to all day at work. The guy that compliments her on her new haircut, listens to her complain about how lazy you are around the house, the guy that talks her up to the boss.

    I'm also the guy that kisses her in the supply closet, the guy who fondles her ass in the break room, and the guy she follows to his apartment for lunchtime s**.

    So, while you're looking down at her sucking your c*** you keep thinking about how all the guys at the office want to s**** her. Meanwhile, she's thinking about how much she can't wait to get back to work and be my w****...

  • Don't worry I got ur girl on her knees too;)

  • I can appreciate that this is one of the better fake confessions, but the 36DD, too much man, way too much! Make her a little less pretty but still hot, We all like the fantasy but you seemed like you were trying to make a more realistic sounding confession.

  • And you are sure the guys at work don't get her? :)

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