Misbehaving wives

Quite a few of us married men thoughts of are wife's being naughty his a big turn on , Not all of us want are wife's to go to far maybe show a bit of cleavage leg that sort of thing , Or being kissed groped that sort of thing what ever floats your boat , I've watched my wife on new years eve when she has had to much to drink , Loosing all her inhibitions kissing and being felt up by a lot of different men and women , I can remember my wife trying clothes on in a cubicle there was a gap in the curtains and I was watching a guy watching my wife , That was a couple of examples , Tell me what you've watched your wife do and tricked her in to doing , we could all do with some ideas how to get are wife's to misbehave of show there selves off , Tell us what you've done .

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  • My wife often is n u d e in front of friends. I admit I like it a lot.

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