My wife's younger second cousin came to stay with us almost three months ago. She had lived with her husband two states way, and she told my wife she just needed a break and would only stay a week. But on the fourth night we were all drinking, the wife got drunk and passed out and the cousin and I started fooling around. The it got serious and we went to bed. The girl was so good that I convinced her to make my wife let her stay longer. Now she's looking for work here and plans to stay. My wife and I haven't had s** since the cousin and I hooked up. That's fine with me. The cousin is so good I don't want the wife any more. The cousin wants me and says she'll take the wife out of the picture whenever I give the word. That word is "pregnant" and she says she'll get off the pill whenever I tell her. This girl is hotter and nastier than anybody I've ever known. The wife is nothing in comparison. Nothing.

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