What am i doing to myself

I had a normal life,happily married with kids the whole bit, hadnt thought about my unrequited love in years and years,,,,my husband passed away and its been a few years, I find this person online, we have been online "friends" maybe a year,then all of a sudden there was this interest in my posts and my story, we talked on the phone long distance for hours over a weekend and now I am back where I was when I was 13, I am completely in love and it will never go anywhere,he isnt any more interested than he was when we were kids but he is perfect for me...I have been avoiding people just for this reason....I was happy with my husband and that got me through now all of a sudden there are feelings I havent had in years and all I feel is the pain that this will never be...it is nice to feel in love again though, but I am making myself crazy...I would give anything to feel his touch

Mar 30, 2011

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  • Go ahead and do what you want, none of these people on here really care, they tell you not to cheat because of their s***** moral indoctrination, not out of any true concern.

  • First of all, she's widowed. So no cheating. Besides, I think if you paid more attention, the commenters above weren't telling her to not go for it, but to go for it but to take him off a pedestal.

  • A widow having a relationship is not cheating. Pay attention.

  • You're not a 13 year old anymore, so find the stones to tell him how you feel. Maybe he'll the same, more likely he won't, but then everything will be out in the open and you can move on. There's no reason to repeat the middle school drama when you are both adults now.

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