Cheated in Chem lab

At the beginning of this year, a guy I know gave me a flash drive of all his stuff from his freshman year so I could look at it if I needed help. One night a few weeks ago I totally forgot about the abstract that was due by midnight, so with a few minutes left I panicked and pulled up his abstract and changed around the sentences, changed a bit of the wording, etc. My abstract still showed an 85% consistency and now my name's been submitted to the "honor code comittee." I feel so guilty, and ashamed, I really hope my friend doesn't get in trouble as well. I have no idea what's going to happen.. I can only hope I get a zero on the assignment. If I get a zero in the class I'll cry, and if I get expelled i'll probably kill myself before my parents can.

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  • You forgot an abstract? I didn't study chemistry, but in my discpline an abstract is a few hundred words. You jeapordized your academic career over something that could've taken you 15 minutes to do yourself?

  • that sucks... :S

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