Ending my life on 40th (unless things change)

Just turned 39. Lived with parents for 7 years. College graduate. Autistic. Bullied my whole life. I'm in counseling and I'm on meds. The ONLY jobs out here are factory temps and mimimum wage joke jobs that don't pay enough to live off of. Minus college loans for a useless degree and expensive healthcare. I have no friends because everyone treats me like s***. Can't do this anymore. Can't live in other people's squalor anymore. All I want is a CLEAN QUIET home with zero humans and zero disgusting animals. This is seriously my last year of this s***. If nothing has changed by Oct 10 next year, I'm out. Peace, world.

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  • Hello my friend! Dont end it now, you are far to young! My suggestion: Do a little work in the fabric or elsewhere - collect enough to go on a JOURNEY. Its worth it! A long journey! A work and travel maybe. I spended a year in NewZealand, this really changed me. Much luck to you! there is always a way :)

  • I was bullied but I turned my anger into getting even. Now I'm the boss of bosses and people have to kiss my ass or they get fired. I love it a happy ending. They voted me least likely to succeed in high school. Well I just went too my 20th high school reunion. I'm driving a La Ferrari and just so you know you can't rent one and to buy one you have to be on the list from Ferrari. My wife is so beautiful and 10 years younger. You should have seen their mouths all hanging open. Yes they all work lowly jobs going no where serves them right. I even had a few begging for a job after how they bullied and tormented me. I told them to submit a resume to our human resources dept. Yeah right that goes right in the ole circular fire. Or maybe I will bring them in an play with em a while to give them a taste of how they treated me. Oh sorry back to your problem. This may seem harsh but shut the "F" up and put your complaining into something positive. Then you'll have something.

  • You need to get over yourself. No sympathy here pal. Plus why Oct 10. move that time table up to like say the beginning of the new year just makes more sense. Hey who told you to major in something useless? That's your own fault no one else's. Anyway I would say good luck but you would just find away to turn it into s***. Why blame people and animals? Don't get you pal. See ya!

  • Oct 10th is his 40th Birthday. People with autism have difficulty living in clutter and disorder. Having said that, instead of subscribing to the ethos that "it's part of God's plan" he should get off his fat a*** and change his life, otherwise Darwin's theory will be proven again.

  • Only you can escape the prison you have made for yourself. Sometimes it is necessary to take a job we would not otherwise choose, as a means to an end - to earn money to rent your own place. You have made no plan of where you want to be in a year's time, other than dead. Be careful what you wish for, because if that is your only plan, it is likely to become a self fulfilling prophecy.

  • Just a whiner looking for sympathy. Blames everyone but himself. And animals too. Whack job for sure.

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