I dread my time in the confessional. I know she will come, and tell me what she has done. The boys and girls she has seduced, what depraved acts they have committed. She will go into such excruciating detail that I cannot stop my body from reacting. I know this is what she wants, and yet I cannot stop her. Last week she offered to touch me, to release my "pent up frustration." I think she laughs at me. Later, as I sit alone in my room I think back to the confessional and I m********* thinking about taking her there. I don't know if I will be strong enough to resist.

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  • Be strong and do not betray your faith, pray to god for help and talk to your supiorors about what you should do before it gets out of hand.

  • erm you know she gets a kick out of torturing you right? maybe you should just read this crap tht she tells you online so that her stories wont effect you she's just being a temptress and s******* with your poor s** deprived mind let her be "dirty" elsewhere

  • Link pics. She sounds hot.

  • She came back tonight as I knew she would. She started the litany as usual and then told me she had seduced the father of a child she babysits. I was mesmerized as she discussed how she touched him in his car while he drove her home. How she stroked him to hardness. Freed his erect p**** from his pants. And took him in her mouth.

    I sat there listening, my own p**** hard in my slacks. I could feel her breath coming through the screen - her face was right up against it as she described taking him in her mouth. How he had to drive behind a shopping mall to keep from driving off the road. How he took her in the backseat of the car.

    She talked about how large he was, how his emission tasted, and how many o****** she had thinking about his wife driving their child to daycare in the very car she was taking her husband in.

    I tried, dear Lord, I tried. But my body betrayed me. I rarely m*********, but her story excited me so. Without touching my member I suddenly erupted. I must have made some noise because she laughed and asked me if I liked her little tale. I didn't think she could shock me further, but she said that maybe next time she could help me more personally with my own problems.

    Even sitting here now I'm erect again. I know who she was with. He's one of my wealthier parishioners. His wife and I serve on the hospital board. I see them both weekly. How can I face them knowing what she has done? Knowing what she might do to me? Knowing that I wouldn't have any more willpower than he had?

  • Put that filthy w**** on her knees and f*** her face until you unload all that pent up sperm on her s*** face.

  • Your willpower sucks. Get out of the confessional business and take that woman for a ride. Unless she is underage. Unless the girls and boys she is seducing are underage and she is an adult. In that case you need to report her.

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