I've been ** my coworker, Rebecca, daily for over six months. Her worthless husband, Dave was fired from his ** mechanics job over a year ago and he does nothing to find a new job or help around the house. Just sits around playing video games and watching Netflix while his wife works (on my **). Meanwhile, his rocking wife works 60+ hours/week at a dead end job and I make sure she's taken car of emotionally and physically. I don't know if this is a short run fling, or maybe a long term thing, but I do know that it's the best ** I've ever had.

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  • UPDATE: Dave finally got a job last week in a town about 800 miles away from where they live. The housing market **, so ere's no way they can sell, and they don't want to loose the house to the bank. So, now he's renting a bedroom in a flop house and Rebecca spend most nights living with me at my place. The ** is as good as ever, in fact, now that we don't sneak out for a quickie during the day we tend to have longer sessions. She's also a great cook and likes to make a sit down meal every night. For all intents and purposes we're living together like we were married.

    She says she doesn't love Dave anymore, but she thinks if she leaves him it would break his heart. Frankly, I'm in no rush to make our situation permanent. So, yeah, I want my cake and to eat it too...

  • get her to leave her husband, man. He obviously doesn't deserve her

  • horrible...

  • ** confession.

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