Love Drunk

Two years of my life I let him make me believe I was worthless, that everything he did wrong was my fault and that I had to do this huge amount of changing for us to work out.

Fastforward. I move 4000 miles away, break it off with him, and he still treats me like I'm some plaything, and if I want things to work out I need to change.

Didn't he notice the PACIFIC OCEAN between us? Doesn't he see my engagement ring on this computer desk? Can't he remember all the times that he put his WoW account, P***, Work, Mother all infront of our relationship? How about all the times that I felt like I was just a toy- all I was important for was telling him that someone loved him and to have s**?
It took my moving out for him to pretend to change. He didn't. It goes right back to "I need you and my mother to work something out." No. How about him moving out of his mother's basement? How about him removing her name from his car title and paying his own bills? How about even getting his paycheck not routed through his mother's bank account, THEN handed to him? How about even talking to his mother about opening his mail? How about realizing that she hasn't apologized to me for all the times she willingly put herself in our business or came in between us?
When he discusses his business, he uses terms like 'us' and 'we' for his problems. That second person is his mother.

I'm tired of loving someone without a spine or testicles. He's old enough to want a better job than Gamestop at 8.50/hour; he SHOULD be mature enough to want his own space without having to answer to his mother all the time- ESPECIALLY BECAUSE WE USED TO HAVE AN APARTMENT FOR TWO YEARS!

Apr 5, 2011

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