I get hard reading some confessions

I read some of the confessions here to get turned on. Like the girl who was real h**** after shaving her p****. I loved that one.

I would not like it if such people are under the age of 18. That would not be exciting for me at all. I do not like thinking it might be men writing most of them pretending they are women.

I am a h**** man and I love s**. But I don't like being lied to.

How can I really know? I am bothered by this.

Apr 5, 2011

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  • Most of these "confessions" are just fantasy.
    And it's difficult to get off to other peoples fantasies.

  • Don't we all? there are some kinky m************ on this site

  • These people arent here for your personal amusement. They are just getting words out for themselves and it wouldnt really be your business on who they are.

  • I'm a girl and I get turned on by some of them too.

  • OP and the guy that wrote the comment are the same f****** loser.

  • 1st poster here, no, we're not, I didn't post the confession. What make you think that? Hope you have given us something useful to read lately 2nd poster?

  • That person is right. I am the OP. And I have posted some of the kinkier stuff I've been involved with. I love women, especially when they are open about s** and what they like. I love hearing about their sexual experiences and do not feel any jealousy. Just horniness.

  • I also get turned on reading confessions, but I'm also not a parasite that just read and don't return. I've posted some, and the fact that other people get to read my confessions also turns me on .... almost like voyuerism .... putting yourself out there.

    Well done of posting something at least, now post something a bit heavier, something that's real of course .... like that sunday school teacher that felt you up, or that insane bj you got from the guy around the corner, whatever dude, just keep it real.

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