House Sitting

I want to confess that when I was 19 I was looking after a Guys house and his dog while He and is wife were on holiday.Anyway in the week I just stayed there sleeping in their bed.The Guy was an office colleague He asked Me and said they wanted Me to look after their German Shepherd Ben
I like Dogs and had met him before so I said no problem.I had a Boyfriend He was 23 I loved him to bits,and He was my first love and loved s** with Him.Anyway Saturday night came round and I was feeling very h**** and I new we would have s** what with the house to ourselves.Anyway he came round with a bottle of Champagne His Laptop and asked Me if I wanted to take an E get wrecked and have a h**** session.
Daft question really of course I did.So we took the E opened the Champagne and he set his laptop up in short we watched some Amateur Group s** we liked to tell each other what we would like to do.But I don't know how it happened but He said would I like to have Ben lick my p**** I said no way but the thought turned Me on,so what with the E and me feeling so wet and h**** He pestered Me until I reluctantly said Id give it a try.The next thing hes stood up his c*** hard as h*** gone out of the room and come back in with Ben I'm so ashamed to admit this but I opened my legs wide and Ben started to lick my p**** it felt wonderful n dirty not saying anymore.

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  • Did you let the dog f*** you, my girl friend got f***** by my alsatian dog and she had a o***** on his d*** as he got knotted in her c*** they were knotted together for sometime before he could let go. She said it was amazing and wants to do it again

  • Nasty.

  • Just let him eat u, no f****** tho.. Thats a whole another level of things. Eating is ok, f******, nopee

  • Dont worry about it... I know literaly DOZENS of women who have enjoyed dog a licking their p****. (They pretended not to at first, and that they were only doing it "for me" and 'My enjoyment') but that obviously wasn't true as they not only came as the dog was doing it to thewm but I KNOW several did it afterwards with dogs too.... When NOBODY was persuading them to do it..

    Ive also (without very much persuasion) got half a dozen to go on their knees and get f***** all the way by a dog too..

  • Weird you need reporting. With you not saying any more I can guess what happened...... ??

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