I need advice :\

One of my best friends is an attention seeker, she always has something bad happen to her so people will pitty her. apart from that shes an amazing person but she always has to outdo everyone. for example, today she "broke a guys nose because he tried to feel her up" she always vents to me about how bad her life is or she thinks that her guy friends like her ect. me, being the kind of person i am, listen to her and give advice, and on the rare occasion i do stuff for her ie: ask three guys ive never even said hi to, if they like her.

she and another of my friends seem to be having a competition over whose life is worse. both have been bullied and had things happen at home. i dont see why it needs to be a competition....

ive never really had many friends, mostly people who see me as the girl who sits with them.

one of the guys my friend thinks likes her happends to be the guy i like, and i just dont know what to do.

i should be happy with my life, i have some clos friends, both of my parents love my, i have an amazing little sister but i just dont seem to be happy...

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  • evryone says that. no. you shouldnt be happy with your life. well you should but its not going to happen. no matter how hard you try theres going to be something wrong, someone better or someone with worse problems.

    you need to tell your friend what you really feel. hiding your feelings and making them feel better will only make it worse.

    it may sound bitchy but tell her whats up. you dont have to be a a b**** about it but tell her how you feel without saccusing her of things. talk about yourself. things you want for yourself. dont terll her to change anything just inform her of how you feel and it might help her and you understand what to do better

  • It could be Borderline Personality Disorder or Histrionic Personality Disorder. Yet maybe not.


    Its also possible that maybe you are just an uncaring or self-centered person.

    Im sorry you arent happy though :/

  • Dont listen to that advice. She will only gain another story to tell the girlfriend she replaces you with. Instead, tell everyone you know that she has asshair and it grosses you out.
    P.s. - she sounds hot; link pics?

  • Advice: tell your attention whoring, so-called friends to shut the f*** up and grow up. Tell them how you feel about their "competition." Tell the guy you like you like him, and your friend too. TALK to the people in your life, and you won't have to ask for advice on an anonymous website.

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