I'm tired of it.

I'm one of the most honest and trustworthy people anyone could know, yet everyone takes advantage of it. I'm tired of being doubted, betrayed, and treated like s***. I'm done. What goes around, comes around. They'll all wish they treated me differently, soon enough.

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  • No it doesn't, at least not in a way that people actually learn from their mistakes. Quit bleating about "karma" and provide realtime repercussions to those who treat you badly. It won't stop otherwise.

  • Sounds like your about to bring a gun to the office. Quit crying like a push-over and go get my some coffee. I like it black, even you can't f*** that up.

  • That's how you talk to someone you think is about to bring a gun to the office? I hope Darwinism has taken care of you by now.

  • I know exactly how you feel. I'm always being stabbed in the back left and right because I'm too honest, innocent, and I put trust into people too easily. Show them that they can't use you anymore! Stand up for yourself and show them that you won't tolerate being treating like this.

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