Brushy brushy

Some years ago, my sister had her friend spending the night for a few days. She was about 5 foot something tall, petite girl with a cute little butt and b cup b****. I had some bit of l*** for her. She and my sister one morning went off to take a shower. I woke up to find my parents were gone so i was alone in the house with them. Both were in the bathroom, i heard them talking and i couldnt help myself so i went to look in a crack in the door and while my sister was in the shower her freind was there. I saw her take off her pants and her little thong. Her as was cute but a little flat, i unfortunately barely was her p**** but it wasnt shaven anyways just trimmed a little. Then she took off her top and i saw her beautiful b****** and little pink perky nipples. Later after they finisehd their shower and stepped out i was able to go into the bathroom where she had left her panties and i sniffed the sweet spot where her p**** touched and it was such a nice smell. I just masturbated in the bathroom. At some point in time when doing this on another day i felt stupidly devious and i wished i could have s** with her but i was a coward and i wound up j********** and wiping a minuscule amount of c** on her toothbrush just so i could get of on the idea of her tasting my c** without know it. Dont worry, im not a sick b******, i know i have and had no stds so it wasnt pure evil but yes of course i could have without knowing but i didnt of course so i wouldnt suggest this. I got to see her later brush her teeth and enjoy knowing whats in her mouth.

I spied on her for several days but unfortunately my mom caught me once and i just pretended i wasnt doing anything. It was a horrible experience really and i heard her laughing at me and she quietly said to my sister how she loves it when guys l*** girls.

After all this happened. Months later she gets a boyfriend and guess what? Her boyfriend is just some redneck nerd who looks slightly like me but not as good looking (im not a narcissist im actually insecure)... you know what that means? I could have had her if I just stopped being a freaking perv and approached her like a normal guy would have. So sadly this story has a moral. Dont be a p erv or a wuss when it comes to liking someone, just be real and honest with them instead of being a creep and sneaking around doing wierd stuff. I now know everything i did was wrong and strange but i guess i was just so lonely and insecure i didnt think right. After that i had to keep hearing her conversatins with my sister on the phone on her having s** with her boyfriend (this was months and months alter of course, she wasnt actually a s*** she was a virgin) ... well you get the idea. Yet as things progress more i later found a girl i fell in love with and was glad i never actually did anything with the girl i lusted. Now im stuck in a romantic love trying to make that work ... but thats another story.

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  • Just another sick,perverted,lousy excuse for a guy!

  • Why dont you go take a psychology class before you judge? you dumb f***.. i doubt you passed second grade

  • Wouldnt surprise me if you were the sick bastards that post about raping girls. A common condition they have is to insult others calling them sick or perverted like it somehow takes the blame away for their wrong actions.

  • So many people fail to judge themselves and they seek to judge others as if it makes their own actions excusable when it does not. Its a sorry excuse of an existence.

  • If you knew anything of the human condition you would understand many people are a certain way because of emotional damage. It hardly qualifies for anything worth damning. Im sure you do worse on a regular basis. Thats why you are on this site, to make yourself feel better by insulting strangers. Thats the true work of a coward.

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