Girlfriends bipolar

When I first got with my girlfriend 5 years ago she was amazing the first week we would laugh and joke aroud it was careless but a week into it she went crazy on me telling me shes going to kill herself cause she knows im with other girls I broke up with her thinking shes crazy only to get back togather with her 2 days later.

Always same story she'd go crazy about things I was not doing I could either make her see I would never ever cheat on her or she'll start her 'I'm killing myself I want to die I want you to live knowing u killed me' and i would try to stop her of course but she never ended up doing anything and id break up with her. It got to the point I knew something was wrong with her mentally no one acts like this she was either really happy or really upset no inbetween.

She would accuse me of cheating on her but then she'd be the one to get pregnant..4 times in our 5 years she tuned up pregnant not by me she told me same story every time she was raped and didnt know how to tell me and the first time it broke me I believed her but as it kept happening i realized it was all a lie. she would have a episode and aport the babies knowing how bad i want a baby and would of raised them as my own.

Her whole family turned on her not able to handle her moods anymore they still dont speak to her. when we first got togather she had a handful of friends now she has none no one wants to be her friend. That leaves her and me. She continues to get fired from her jobs because of her moods witch makes us argue we cant afford to mouth offs to our bosses its hard for her to find a job as is.

The last few times she went crazy wasnt with me was at work and they took her to the hopsital she told the staff she will get out of their restraints and go jump off the roof. they admitted her into the hospital for a week and she got into group counseling and one on one counseling this is when she found out she has bipolar disorder and put her on medication. she came home a whole new person she was happy for the first time in a long time and we talked really talked and she felt bad about how she acted. A month later she said she was cured and didnt need her medicine anymore that she can handle it herself now I faught with her to continue her treatment she told it made her feel crazy to take it every day and she wants to do it on her own i told her its working though and if u want off of it u should tell ur doctor and they will slowly take you off it and she finally gave up and promised me she will continue it.

2 days later I get a call from the hospital she had a psychotic break at work and slit her wrist with a box cutter. When I got there she was crying and telling me shes sorry I wasnt and couldnt be mad at her. I've been emotionally drained for years and I know breaking up with her isnt solving anything it makes her worse I dont know how to help her or be there for her anymore. she'll do good a month and then want off her medicine she just got fired again and im having to borrow money from my parents who doesnt approve of kacey Im so lost in her world sometimes I want to end my life too.


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  • I am 25 yr old and I live with bipolar disorder, I was diagnosed 2yrs ago. If you have bipolar you can not just go off your meds. If you are her primary support you need to remember to take care of yourself too. As for her she needs help, and it takes a team of doctors. I see a counselor weekly, a shrink every three weeks and my pcp will always ask me how I am doing. If you need help use the net to look for resources or others with the same diagnoses

  • she is crazy,help.i need help.

  • Agree with the first comment. As much as you want to be there and help her. She needs to help herself. She needs to take her meds and learn how to live with bipolar disorder and deal. Stop giving her money, you're enabling her. That's not helping her. Don't forget, you are not her caretaker. With her diagnosis, she could probably apply for disability.

    Agree with the counseling suggestion. Maybe speak with someone about how to help someone with bipolar disorders.

    At the end of the day, you need to help yourself before you can help her or anyone else. And you must set boundaries for both of you. You're young.. if this relationship is not what you want, you may want to consider breaking it off. You shouldn't stay in this because of guilt. That's no way to live or love.

  • No. No. No. You DO NOT want to end your life.

    You need to get some counseling on why you keep going back to someone who is so manipulative. Is she into drugs? Drug abusers are masters of manipulation. Suicide threats are their weapons. They use guilt to keep you around.

    If she isn't abusing alcohol/drugs, she may have some kind of chemical imbalance and need medication.

    Ask yourself, is this the way you want your life to be? Will you be better off with her or without her. Be honest with yourself.

    Seriously, you really need some counseling so that you can deal with or leave this relationship and get on with your life.

    You will get through this.

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