Thoughts of a bisexual

Last year at a sleep over with two guys and three girls, the guys decided that it would be a good time to play dares. One of the guys dared the other guy and another girl to kiss, (she had never kissed a guy before and wanted practice..) so the guy suggested that she practised on me,and being a good friend i agreed.
As the night progressed they dared us to go further than just a peck, so by the end of the night we were dry sexing with our tops off... neither me of her thought that we might be gay however after that first kiss i instantly loved it! and she kept asking if she could kiss me again to really turn on the guys.. so i agreed.
Then about 3 weeks later i started seeing this guy and he knew about the kiss between us but as far as he knew it was just a dare. About a month later i went to a house party and of corse she was there (and my boyfriend wasnt) so we decided to wind up some of our school mates and say that she was a lesbian and to prove, we kissed again, tounges ect.. my boyfriend found out and wasnt upset but i admitted that i thought i could be bisexual.
About 4 months ago i went raving with her and then that night she stayed round mine, this guy started grinding her and and she told him that she wasnt interested however he wouldnt leave me alone, so once again she kissed me, i was shocked however couldnt resist and had to kiss back.
That night i told her that i truly thought i was bisexual and was falling for her, she didnt really say much but she addmited that there was part of her that she thought she could be aswell. We kissed again, i suggested to take it further and she said when we are a little older...
I am still with my boyfriend and we have been going out 11 months.. i am now 16 and dont know what to do, i love my boyfriend however i am so turned on by girls, so much more when im making love to my boyfriend... (dont get me wrong the s** is still good) but yea, should i invite the girl round again and ask, or what? need suggestions on what to say and do ??? help!
nuff love xx

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  • Well u cud maybe have a threesome if ur boyfriend new about it so if i was u i would tell him cuz some people have to know what are secrets

    Good Luck


  • righty then teen girl why are you going to raves at 15 or 16 and why are you focusing on s** at 15 or 16 you should be more focused on school you have college and your adult life to decide weather your straight bi or lesbian (and please don't tell me "with today's world kids are having s** at a much younger age" because sometimes people aren't afforded the opportunity to have s** before they are 20...) sorry bout the rant but yeah 19 yo v-card

  • Since you like the girl more dump your boyfriend and go for the girl. If its the other way then do the opposite. You can just do that to your boyfriend and play with his feeling. Maybe he doesn't like it but he wants to keep you around thats why he didn't say anything about it. Don't be just another bisexual person in this world. Decide what you want to be and just go for it. Good luck teen girl.


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