I hate Easter

I hate religious people. I wouldn't exactly say I am an atheist, I just choose not to follow any of them closely, because there are more important things to do with my life. Why spend time worrying about something that may or may not exist. It is rather annoying that I am surrounded by so many "religious fanatics" and it drives me insane.

Apr 22, 2011

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  • i swear, i came here to confess the same f*****' thing. Peace.

  • actually yuo are an agnostic-atheist since you admited "may or may not"

    You shouldnt hate religious people. Some are nice. Dont hate on their mythologies just hate on their political practices of trying to legalize their so called "moral code"

    You made your choice and they made theirs so you should respect that.

    Also just so you know easter is a pagan holiday so you can sort of laugh to yourself knowing christians stole it from another ancient religion.

  • you know, I'm an agnostic, which means I'm not religious nor atheist... I dunno whether some stuff people believe in are true, so i give them their space...

    which is what I advice you...

    give people space to believe in whatever they like

    if they invade your personal space, then that's your right to ask them to stop, whether it's at your house or at work, you have the right to your own space...

    but if you're talking about a public spot, there's not much you can do, just ignore them if you can, and remember, you don't get the right to shut people just because they believed different than you. But you can have your personal respected space

  • Wise words that everyone will of course ignore. Especially in this age of making it a point to inform everyone alive and within hearing range which sexuality you think you are today. complete with special flag, "look at me I'm so different" clothing, and lots and lots of Attitude/ Looking For A Fight. How come THEY get to shut people up just because others believe different from them? Nope, I'm doing it too, deal with it!!!

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