Sight through the mind

I am not quiet fond of you. This may seem directed towards a particular person. It's not. It's a very trivial thing. Some would say it's simple but those are who just blend into the melting pot. Maybe I'm wrong not everyone can be categorized in the same category. Humanity disgusts me even the innocent who may be nice and kind or loving. The thing is a part of me loves mankind, but the truth is every last person on earth should die. Why you may ask it's because we don't deserve this gift of life we are creatures in a cage only cruel to one another we don't give a damn about others but those who give us pleasure. You may be a good person but it doesn't matter. If u do not exist then it does not matter. I would never hurt anyone nor would I show this side of me do to the redicule I may receive. I have fear it is an emotion we all have and we will all feel some day. Maybe I lack love maybe I don't but do you think that's what it is. I just have this hatred maybe I'm not content or happy with myself. They are not the cause. None of it leads to my conclusion. Maybe we shouldn't be annihilated but maybe it would better if 90% of the pop just died. It's always great meeting new ppl half the time or less. Maybe ill meet you and unknowingly change my mind. This change is not directed in any form only in essence of changing my mind. I wonder sometimes. Well if I read this far thanks I don't look forward to hear from any of you. :)

Jan 22, 2017

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  • That's nice. The response from people reading this range from indifference to them wanting to murder you outright for whatever "reason" they might have. So what makes your take on the rest of the world so special, honey?

  • You might want to talk to medical professional

  • Despite all your rage, you're still just a rat in a cage.

  • If that's how you feel - who gives anyone else the right to judge you.

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