baby's life versus the Ex.....

help , i have gotten myself in a pickle of a situation and need Godly advice . I am dating a woman that i thought was in love with me , to only have her off and on want to be with me . she now tells me that she doesn't really know what she wants and is using some mental reason to not be with me . She is a very beautiful woman but i have found her to not always tell me the truth , we took a pregnancy test and it indicates that she is pregnant .I think she is going to abort this child , to be with her soon to be ex husband , and feels that it is none of his business that she may be carrying our child. do i tell the ex or do i just let things fall into place where they may? I feel that i may be saving a child's, life , and he can make an informed decision about their future together , i need Godly advice not rants or raves , if i tell him she may ask me to leave , but if i don't she may also abort this child out of convenience ....Help please.....

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  • tell him, and tell her to talk to a psychologist. this is your child too. remember that.

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