I hate her.

3 months or so ago, I had a best friend. In Science, she burnt me with a pair of tongs that had been in a bunsen burner fire on purpose, maliciously. I yelped, and glared at her, but never told. I had a scar on my arm for ages, and only recently has it faded.

But I'm not glad. I want it back. It was physical proof that my ex-best friend was a b****. All the rest can be proved away by memories. I just want something to stop other people from judging me, to understand. Even my head of year, who is supposed to not be biased, says "but she's so sweet, why would she ever be so horrible? you must have misunderstood".

She was a b****, she manipulated my low self-esteem, she led me to self-harm. I didn't misunderstand.

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  • you yourself have to let go of this. the important thing is that YOU know shes a b****. dont worry about everyone else cuz at the end of the day, only you sleep in your skin. forgiveness serves not only the wrong but helps u let go too

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