A huge lie..

My life is a lie, everyone belives I am a saint, and i don't mean that arrogantly. everyone knows i would help anyone, anytime, anyplace for whatever reason, but i only do it because i cant say no and also im waiting for the time someone actually does the same for me...

im 17, everyone knows that im good at s**, (my ex said on bus i had a c*** of a god so all the girls take a shine), but i still feel inadequate and angry even though the girl knows i can satisfy them right there right now.. but still i feel hollow

i feel no direction in life, i like being cool and popular but i also want to breakdown an cry, be the unpopular, but feared kid.

the main problem,? ive helped loads of people few pregnanices, rape, violence, family trouble, relationsip help, friendship advice, suicide problems, anxiety, depression, you name it ive dealt with it, but still i should fel happy knowing that i help someone out, but after all that , everoyne thinks im a nice guy, a gengtlemen, but the one thing i want? a gorgeous girlfriend... why?

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  • So she can teach you how to write properly.

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