How I got the username...

I'm a teenager and I'm still trying to learn how to drive. I was pulling into a parking space and accidentally pushed the gas pedal instead of the breaks. I ran the car into a street light in the parking lot. No one was hurt but the car and the lamp. The lamp is totally wrecked and I have no clue how much they cost and the car has a pretty bad dent. I really hope insurance covers it but I'm still sick to my stomach and my eyes hurt from crying. I don't know if I ever should drive again. Thank God it wasn't a person or a dog but I still am going to be sick. Pray that my family won't kill me.

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  • Go out hav a few drinks and get f*****

  • so... as the title says. how did you get your username?

  • Don't be so h****** your self. Accidents happen. You will be obviously careful from now on.

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