I was violent..

One time iw as showering and i was all relaxed i thought noone was looking
i noticed someone was peeking through a small hole in the door. i was surprised and i first wanted to find out who it was.
i noticed it was a man, i got infuriated by his conduct.
i yelled: "i saw you get away or im messing you up!"
he came back to spy more:
"you f***** i see you one more time peeking and you are dead"

i knew he was coming back so i dressed up quickly and as i saw the eye appear again i opened the door quickly
the man tried to run away and apparently he had a friend with him.
foolishly they tried to run into a small room. their puny legs didn't get them there fast enough
i punched the first one on the back of his head and he fell down
i caught the shorter one and i kicked him against the wall repetitively.
"you think its okay to be bothering normal people with your sick homosexual games?"
i let them go after i left them pretty bruised up

i kept this a secret. and that day i realized i was quite homophobic

apparently they turned straight and now they do behave well. or at least they dont let me notice

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  • They didnt turn straight, this story is bullshit.

  • I am a heterosexual woman, and I would be incredibly upset if anyone: male, female, homosexual, heterosexual, repeatedly peeped on me in the shower. It would be a huge invasion of my privacy and super super creepy, no matter who it was. Nevertheless, you could totally still be a huge homophobe. There's no reason to hate all gays just because one is a creep.

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