Curious girls

Almost three years ago I let Alice and her twin daughters move into my house. She is my sisters best friend and fell on hard times after her devorce. I have known Alice most of my life and we have no romantic interests in each other. She is very heavy and just not my type and much older than me. Aside from that I like her very much, feel sorry for her and have lent her money many times. The twins were 10 at the time and although I don't make Alice pay rent or utilities she pays for all the food every week. Its a three bedroom house and my bedroom is up in the loft and equipped with a private bath and a jacuzzi. The jacuzzi is located at the top of the stairs in a seperate room but there is only a very wide doorway into my bedroom with no door. I also have a large home theatre in the jacuzzi room. I gave Alice and the girls permission to use it when they like although Alice doesn't very often because of the spiral stairway. I think she is afraid of it because of her weight. I'm out often and stay at my girlfriends house a few nights a week especially on weekends. The twins are Kerri and Kelli and I pretty much gave them the run of the house. I don't know how long they have been doing it. but it was probably a year or so ago when I first realized they were peeking in my bedroom at me. I do sleep naked most of the time and since there is no door they have easy access to my bedroom. The one morning I first saw them peeking in at me I was pretty much hung over from the night before. I was in my bed naked and did hear the tv and I rolled over and saw their reflection in the mirror of my dresser. They were standing in the doorway looking at my body and smiling at each other. I was going to holllar at them but found it aroused me somewhat. I have never been shy about my body but had never purposely exposed myself either. I rolled back over flat on my back and slightly opened my eyes letting them think I was still sleeping. They walked right over next to my bed staring at my p****. I don't know if or how many times they did this when I really was asleeep. I felt myself getting an erection and rolled back over with my back to them. I could still see them in the mirror and they stood there for another ten minutes then went downstairs. By the time they left I had a throbbing erection just knowing they saw me naked. Since that morning I have exposed myself to them at least once a week. I tried to hide my erection from them at first but since have let them see it fully erect. I never let them see me m********* but do so as soon as they go back down the stairs. If Alice is out I tell them I'm going to take a nap and ask them to wake me at a certain time. When they do come up to wake me I can hear them right away because the spiral staircase is metal and noisey. I make sure I'm completly naked for them and they are usually there 10 or 15 minutes before they try to wake me up. They stay next to the bed awhile then usually go back behind the doorway and yell to me. Sometimes I pretend to not hear them which makes them come in and shake me. When they do that I pull the sheet up right away and try to act embarrassed about it. If I apoligize to them they just tell me its OK. For the last few months they have brought up their girfriend Tammy who has seen me naked at least ten times in the last few months. If they come in to wake me, Tammy always hides in the jacuzzi room while they do. I have arranged a few mirrors so that I can see where they are each time and more often than not get an erection in front of them, but never touch myself until they leave. I'm sure Alice doesn't know what they are doing and hope she doesn't find out. They never come up to my room if my girlfriend stays over and I'm glad about that. I don't want her to find out whats going on either. I m********* after they leave each time and sometimes m********* just thinking about it. I never realized how arousing it is to be seen naked like that. If Alice ever found out she would killl them. I have to be careful not to let on that I know what they are doing. If anything is ever said about it I can always say I didn't know what they were doing. I can tell the way they come up the steps that they make as little noise as possible. I can still hear the metal squeaking even though they step up slowly. I'll continue letting them beleive they are the ones who are the peeping toms and avoid them finding out I also enjoy them looking at me. They must think I am a very sound sleeper because they walk all around the bed at times and are very close to me most of the time. Kerri has even taken some pictures of me with her phone camera, both with and without an erection. I don't really like her doing that but can't do much about it. If I say something about it they will know I am really awake and find out I know they are looking at me.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • So, you get turned on by the obvious??! Of course adolescent girls are curious about naked men! Just as adolescent boys are about seeing naked women! Hardly a reason to engineer the situation, then j*** off on the "strength" of it! Find yoursdlf a WOMAN!!!! Creep!!

  • ---------> i let them see me j********** too and tell them they seen me so can i see there little hairless pusy too little girls get really h**** for some reason too

  • YOU are one sick and vile, twisted and dangerously deranged individual!!!

  • I hope ur happy you maniac! Not only are the girls and I homelss, but Kerri hasn't had her period yet! If we find that you got my little girl pregnant you are going straight to jail! You sicko! You know that you either have to pay child support or pay for the abortion. Whatever we decide. All I know is that there is no way I can support a grandbaby I have a hard enough time with just the girls. And as far as me being a fat ass I have seen you lookin at me before. So don't even try it! I know you wanted me but I didn't want to get involved with you cuz I always knew there was somethin off about you. Now I know what it was! You are a sick twisted pervert!

  • ^ serves u right. it is sick and twisted. i thought it was just a joke like so many of the rest. it got me hot, but when reality hits IT IS NOT RIGHT!!! fanticy is one thing but if this is real then you should be in JAIL ! ! !

  • SO HELP ME JESUS!!! Dan is that you!? Guess what this is ALICE! What, you don't think I use the internet? Well I am ashamed of you! I always used to think you were a good person. Boy was i ever wrong! After ur sister said so many nice things about you. I don;t think that Kerri and Kelli even wanted to see you. I thinkk you are a perv and expose yourself to little kids! For christ sakes Dan what were you thinking. I'm moving out! We'll have to live out the car again but anything will be better that ever seeing your hideous face again! So when you see we've left maybe you'll notice this note on this sickening s*** that you not only did but also put on here for everyone to see! You make me sick right now and i hope i never see you and i no that you will never see the girls again! Stay away from us!!!!!

  • Bull crap you ain't Alice


  • ^^^ You should read it. Hot.

  • If I read that right those girls are at least 12 or 13 now and know exactly what their doing. On the other hand the guy is a j*** for letting them. When I was around 12 my cousin exposed himself to me a few times and I did like to see his p**** but never admitted it.

  • Too long. Didn't bother.

  • Yea, it's difficult for an adult man to stop 10 year old twins from taking pictures of you when nude and erect. I have that same problem. Obummer

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