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Well, Onto the next thing, My male cousin, I love him to death but when he was younger he was such a perv, I don't I don't know when he started but I remember the first time I caught him and many times my cousins told me something about catching him but it was not uncommon to to catch him peeking or spying and whacking it right from a young age.
When I was around 14 and he would have been 16 ish, I was in the shower and I didn't really think much about it but I heard noises outside the bathroom when I was changing and whatnot, My uncle and aunt have a lot of money but seem to love a "Fixer upper" so their lakehouse was an old crappy cabin and nothing was overly secure at first, So me and mom are there and I am showering, I look over and I swear I could see him looking under the door. there were no shower doors, it was just a big, Tile shower which back in them days was pretty extravagant and the rest of the room was still "Under construction", I got out and dried off then opened the door but he was no where around.
My uncle and aunt have a mansion on the farm, Again an old place they have been "Fixing up" since before I was born, They inherited it from someone in my aunts family along with the farm that my mom says owned a gold mine and was completely crazy and built this castle in the middle of what was no where at that time but it is truly a mansion, They added a pool and hot tub and I have no idea on square footage but it is 2 1/2 stories above ground and 1 1/2 below, All stone and absolutely gorgeous if you can afford to heat something like that.
So with that much square footage and that many rooms etc. We were constantly there and my cousin was constantly spying on someone, My one cousin and I were constantly together being only months apart and even with no shortage of rooms we always slept together, her parents actually put bunk beds in her room and they were set up so we both got the top bunk (So sweet), The first time I ever seen a p**** my cousin had left the room to get something and came back frantically waving for me to come with her, She quietly led me to the corner and we peeked into the hallway.
There was her brother, Peeking uner the bathroom door again, I knew my mom was in the shower and I knew that was who he was spying on, He was on his knees with his face pressed to the floor and his pants pulled down.
Not a very flattering position being we were behind him but he had his knees apart as far as his sweat pants that he always wore would allow and was jerking it, I was not at all experienced at the time and being before the internet knowledge was pretty limited to stuff your friends or older siblings/Cousins in my case told you or the odd dirty magazine you found in someones stash but even so I knew that his was...Big.
He is in this weird position reaching down and thinking back it would have been super awkward I would imagine but maybe it was the way he was positioned that made that the only way he could do it but he was pulling it down toward the floor and we could see the whole thing because it wasn't at all dark in the hallway and after a minute we went back to her room and giggled about what we had seen and how big it was and what a perv he was.
He was constantly coming around when we were in bikinis and staring at us, It wasn't until I was about 15 that I started to notice that he almost always had a b**** and one day me and him were sitting watching TV, I don't rmember where everyone else was or why it was just us but I was sitting there in a pair of shorts and we were just talking and watching whatever it was that we were watching. I don't remember if I had a bra on or not but if I did my chronically hard nipples were showing through and I noticed that he kept looking at my chest whenever he thought I wasn't looking but I caught him multiple times. I happened to look down and noticed he was starting to get a bulge and the more he looked I pretended to not look but it just kept growing and growing and pretty soon it was so blatantly obvious I had to say something.
I looked over, pointed to it and said "Dude", He said "What?" and I replied "Seriously, Whyyyy do you have a b****, You are watching tv with your cousin", He shrugged and said "I don't know, I just was looking at your legs and..." and then he reached over and flicked my nipple and I was like "Whoaa, Hey now...Hands off". He laughed and said "Oh whatever, They are always hard now", I covered my chest being young and embarrassed and he said "Wanna see it?" looking down, I was like "Nooo" but he proposed the old "You show me yours I'll show you mine" So I said "No touching and just quick" and he just pulled his pants down. I admit I was a bit shell shocked at the fact the first p**** I was seeing was my cousins and thet it was right there in front of me and not to mention the size.
I stared for a minute before I gathered my bearings and then he started stroking it, I looked at him and said "Come on, Stop it" and looked away, he kept telling me to look so I pretended to be disgusted and looked, He said "Ok, Your turn" and I grabbed my shirt, Started to lift it and he was gawking at my chest, I pulled it down and said "No touching" and he nodded so i lifted it. He stared and stroked his p**** and I was like "Oh god, this is awful". I looked away while holding my shirt up and he grabbed my nipple and I winced in pain because he was grabbing it hard, I looked down and then slapped his hand away.
I rubbed my nipple and it was all slippery, I said "Ewww", He said "Well...I touched yours so fair is fair", I said "No, Not happeneing", He grabbed my hand and put it on his p**** and I was like "Holy crap", I just remember staring at how big it was in my hand and then I am holding it and he starts softly squeezing my nipple and then says "I want to see the other part", I knew exactly what he was talking about but played dumb and said "Other part?", He pointed between my legs and I said "You played your cards too soon, You have nothing left to show me".
He thought for a second and said "If you show me I'll let you watch me come", After some negotiation I agreed and after closing the door to the basement which probably would have been a good idea before I started whacking off my cousin but anyway, He came back and said "Ok", I said "What?, Right here?", he said "yeah". So not being very smart in the ways of the world I didn't think about where he was going to finish and all that. He sits down and i stand, Take off my shorts and stand in front of him, He tells me to spread my feet apart and is staring right at my crotch as he jerks, He is like "Take off your shirt, Take off your shirt" so i did and now I am naked standing there, He instructs me to put my hands on his knees and I did but then he started pointing his tip at my face and I stood up saying "No F'ing way".
He tells me to lay down on the couch and he kept trying to put one leg on the back of the couch but I just pulled my foot up and rested my knee agaist the back of the couch with my other foot on the floor, He kept telling me to spread my lips and whatever and I was like "No, Just hurry up". He slid closer to me and I had my one leg behind his back, His hip was almost touching my vag and he had one leg over my other one and put his hand on my stoach, I took it off and put it on the back of the couch and he put it back on my stomach, I took it off and he put it on my nipple, I said "No" but he said it would speed things up so I let him play with them.
Finally I said "Ok, Finish...Now" and almost on command he did but...He turned his hips toward me and came, I lost my s*** and was like "No, No, f****** NO" but it was too late, he was leaning over me pinching my nipple and coming on my stomach, Luckily I was skinny and sucked my gut in making a bowl and I didn't end up with it running everywhere, mostly on my stomach, A little on my chest and that's it. I told him "get me towel right f****** now", Being the nice guy he was he grabbed a towel and wiped himself first before handing it to me, he watched the whole time I cleaned up and then I got dressed and headed straight to the shower.
I am sure he spied on me in the shower but that that was the only time I ever did anyhting like that, My cousin and I did catch him from time to time spying on us and one time when my mom was in the bathroom off the master bedroom while my aunt and uncle were away we caught him, He must have picked the lock on the bathroom door and was hiding in the master bedroom, He had no pants at all on and had the bathroom door open, the light from the bathroom made it possible for us to see his p**** and we were hiding in the hallway watching him j*** until he came on a towel and when he closed the door to the bathroom we bolted back to her room and she looked at me wide eyed and said "Oh my god, Have you ever seen a guy come before".
My one lie I have ever been able to keep was when I told her "No, Never" and then we giggled about how gross it was.

Feb 4, 2020

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  • I think this is more common than one may think. I have had a lot of fun with my cousins of both s**’s.

  • I was 10 with 2 younger cousins I did lots with them

  • Hello Op. Have you told all of this to your husband? If so what has his reaction been. My husband loves to hear about my sexual past. The closest I have come to anything like this was when I was 12 and not feeling well . My mother and father had gone out and I had gone to bed. My brother who was 15 was supposed to be taking care of me. I woke up to my night shirt pushed up over my chest and him with his hand in my underwear and his d*** in his other hand jerking off and c****** on my thigh. This really turned my husband on and he enjoys role playing this a lot now.

  • This brings back memories. I was always the h**** kid growing up spying on my sisters and female cousins anytime they came to visit. Sitting around at night with them just in long tee shirts used to get me so hard . One night my sister talked me into jerking off in front of them. The deal was they had to show me their t*** while I stroked my d*** . It didn't take much to convince me. I rarely happened again with my sister but my younger cousin liked our little game when she would visit.

  • I used to practice blow jobs on my male cousin, I know, I know but we were young and if my husband only knew how I got so good at it. Tee Hee.

  • Lucky cousins getting a little girl sucking them off

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