Loosing trust on my girl

I am in love with this gal, I am in so much in love that I practically cannot live without her. We have been involved in s** as well for last 4 years. Though our s** life has detoriated a lot due to her lack of interest in s**. Still I love her because I think that s** is not every thing for good companionship.

Few months before I was feeling uncomfortable, as our common friend the boy visited at her place in the morning. And at 4 pm I was feeling miserable, and thought some thing may happen between both of them and I went there. I knocked the door two to three times and the door was opened by the boy. I went inside to see my gal lying on bed and taking heavy breathing, though she was dressed.

I asked her later what was going on. She initially said nothing. But after my continuous asking she said that she was just drowned in emotion, and was attracted to have s** with him, though she did not. She said that if I was late by an hour, s** thing could have happen.

Since than I lost the trust, I love her too much, but feel that she may do it again some day. I do not know if I should go with this gal and marry her. She said that it was her biggest mistake and it will never be repeated.

Please friends suggest me what to do, I am very upset on this for last couple of months.


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  • You can not even spell a simple word. Lose not loose. Unbelievable.

  • I am a girl and trust me, if she's still hanging out with the guy friend as much as before or more, the s** thing between them will happen. It would've been one thing for her to tell you that she's sexually attracted to him, but a whole other for her to tell you that they would've had s** had you not got there when you did... The fact that she doesn't have much of an interest in s** or maybe it's just s** with you-sorry, but that could be true, but she was interested in having s** with him spells out BAD news for a faithful relationship between you two... Do not marry her... But who knows though, maybe I'm wrong, although I don't think so... I wish you the best though either way.

  • Dear Frnd,
    Thanx for your suggestion and for your times taken to write. She is not in touch with that guy now, not even on phone for last few weeks. We live in different city and believe me I love her more than anything else on this earth. I want to be faithful to her and just expect the same.
    I still will go with this relationship. But next time it will be difficult for me to forgive her.

    Thanx frnd

  • Well, then I think you both will be ok... Congrats and no problem.

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