Our cat doesn't like me

I love animals. Instead of having human children, my wife and I basically opted to have a zoo instead. We have two dogs, two cats, and four fish tanks (20g, 48g, 75g, and 90g). I spend a lot of my time in the evenings taking the dogs for walks or maintaining the fish habitats. I love it.

All of our dogs/cats are from rescues (and had decent backgrounds), and one of our cats is named Brandy. She has lived with us for 6 years now, and she totally runs the other way whenever she sees me. It has been that way from day one. I have done nothing but try to love that cat, but something about me spooks her out. I have no idea what it is. The thing is that she loves my wife--they are quite friendly. When Brandy sees me, she thinks I'm a freaking demon or something. I can't even take her to the vet, because she will literally try to claw my eyes out if I try to put her into a carrier.

I'm pretty sure Brandy is a little crazy or something. I wish someone could do some research on mental illness in felines, because she would be a good study. Something is not mentally right with that gal, because I have done nothing but try to love her. It kinda bums me out that there is so much unrealized friend potential here, but isn't that life?

Feb 19, 2017

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  • Slit it's throat and throw it to the dogs

  • The same could said, in regards to you.

  • ^THIS! One less dbag using up oxygen would be a good thing.

  • The cat probably had a bad experience with someone who looked like you. Cats can hold grudges for a long time. My sister's adopted cat has a phobia of the outdoors. If she does venture into the garage (as close as she will go to outside) and someone shuts the door to the house, she just waits by the door wailing until you let her back in. She and brandy would probably both make good candidates for a psych evaluation.

  • I think ^this^ is the answer: something about you reminds her of something scary in her life before you came into the picture......itprobly has nothing to do withyou......

  • My female cat used to be the same, with my partner. She'd allow me to pet, stroke and hold her. However, when my partner did that to her, she'd run away.

    I think it's because we're both females and she sensed the maternal instincts/nature in me, which possibly appealed to her and made her feel secure. Maybe my partner being male, had something to do with her odd behaviour, towards him.

    Possibly read about feline psychology, that might help. Your cat doesn't necessarily have mental health issues, but I'm not an expert in Animal Behaviour or a vet. Seek advice from both, if possible.

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