Love them both

So I have been with someone for the past 12 years... He is evrey women's dream works hard provides for his family and stays at home. He helps around the house and does what ever i ask. The only thing is he is soooo boring he sits in front of the tv and is not much for conversation. Recently I ran into an old friend I always had a thing for him but we never took it beyond friendship he is the complete opposite he does not work lives with his mom but he is so fun to be around. I love his conversation and his personality. Before I got with the gut I'm with I was madly in love with him and after seeing him I still do love him. Recently after all theese years we have been hanging out and we wound up kissing after several times we almost took it further but I backed off. We have stopped talking but I can't stop thinking about him. But when I think about leaving the one I'm with I can't picture that either.. What do I do am I just in love with something new or was this guy back in my life for a reason. If I truly love the one I'm with aside from having his kid is it possible to feel this way about someone else do I love him or is it just the fact that I'm used to being with him.... Someone help I need some advice not to mention I don't want to Burt the one I'm with sooo confused


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  • Perhaps the reason it is so exciting when you have feelings for someone else, this 'new' person would make you feel alive, passionate perhaps even sexually aroused again after many years with the same person you are with now. The problem is when real life hits 'dream life'; what you want and also what exists now. It's not easy, especially when perhaps the relationship is not as 'close' as it used to be. I hope this sheds a little more light.

  • me too... cant picture my life without my husband, but i cant stop thinking about someone else... i feel stuck.

  • I am in the exact same boat, everytime I think about the other guy I get the butterflies, I'm In l***, dont think I wud ever leave my husband and kids, just want to have fun

  • Your husband doesn't sound like anyone's dream.

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