I steal from stores and work .. i don't need the money! I really don't need it and end after that throwing what i have stolen away or giving it away to anyone! This has started nearly a year ago when i was at Heathrow airport .. i stole 2 magazines, perfume, wallet, lip vaseline!!! I can't imagine what i'm doing! and i can't even stop! i need help please! I ended up stealing money from the company i work in by placing bills that do not even exit! Now they have noticed the huge amount of expenses in my department and they started investigating. If they find out what I have been doing, i will lose everything, my reputation, my job ... everything! I may go to prison! I duno what to do :'( I need someone to talk to but can't get myself exposed to anyone. People think highly of me and they say we are proud to know someone like u! What shall i do! What shall i do :'( :'( I thought of committing suicide .. i would rather die than living this scandal! I can't live this! :'( :'(

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  • Im going through the same thing at the moment, I stockpilled loads of stuff at home. I returned 90% of it but was foolish enough to sell some items on ebay. Now I cant live with the guilt...

    I feel like I have let my familiy down in a huge way, especially my new-born son. I honestly think I have a problem, I really cant justify any of this...

  • You just need to calm down, take a deep breathe and realize, almost every single person nowdays at some point in their lives went through exactly what your going through atm, i know i did - i stole over $3000 worth of items in less than a year when i was younger and what i did to curb my mania was to tell someone really close i trusted and suddenly, i didnt have the urge as strong as it was........ but also, you need to understand the impact this thievery has upon the businessess you steal from and from this guilt try to build up self control xx good luck

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