My boyfriend’s brother is staying over, I feel like I’m in heat

Having both, my boyfriend and his brother in a very small apartment is driving me nuts, sexually. I don’t even know why, I don’t think his brother is hot, if anything the most I would be open to EVER would be a **. It’s just like, I don’t know, too many males living with me is making my ovaries go wild. They both smoke pot too which is some weird niche turn-on I have (also don’t know why) and we were all just watching videos and his brother kept blowing it directly into my face and it was just all too much for me. I’ve never been this ** ** in my life, granted I haven’t lived long (barely just hit 18). I feel guilty but it isn’t like I’m banging his brother. I literally considered going to the living room (where he’s staying) to “get my switch” and “dropping it” just to bend over and then I realized that’s ** up and wrong. I don’t know what is wrong with my ** but she needs to calm the ** down.

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Not sure what to call this. Let's go with "weird fantasy" I guess

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  • Honey just do him already. You need to take him. If you don’t you will regret it the rest of your life

  • I know how you feel honey.

    I'm in lockdown with my twin sons both 20, for months now. I was ** like a cat in heat. We live in California and were at our pool most of the time, day and night. Them I'd board shorts and me in bikinis. Except after 2 weeks, I could see how they looked at me and both seem to be constantly hard. There ** are big and I could see them straining in their shorts, by the 3rd week I couldn't take it anymore,
    I need them to ** me. We drank to much on a Friday night, I just dropped my bikini and started kissing them both. They both ** me like a dog that night several times. I never swallowed so much ** in my life or had ** so intense.

    Since that night I'm spit-roasted by them constantly. It seem one of them is always in me or I'm playing with their **. They are also seem to be bi, as they 69 or do ** on each other. I ** as they do it. It so beautiful watching how much my both love each other.

    I'm only 41, and I have not had my period in two months. My ** are a little bigger and my body feels like when I was pregnant with the twins.

    If I'm pregnant, I'm keeping the baby. I plan on continuing to ** my sons for the rest of their live. ** is so ** good with them. I'll give them so much ** and loving they will never want another woman or man.

    I have never been like this before, with them I finally feel free to be a dirty ** and do what ever disgusting pervert thing they want to do.

    I love my sons.

  • Wow you’re a piece of ** & I hope your sons get the ** away from you

  • If you ever think of sharing a video or your experiences with them send one my way I love real **

  • This lock down, finally pushed my son and me into **. We just couldn't fight it and are ** like dogs. I love his **, and he obsessed with my body. We have been naked for 3 months and my period is two months late. My sons 18, I'm 36. I want to be pregnant.

  • If you ever would consider sharing a video please send it to me I love real **

  • Wow! You are one sick momma.

    I can’t believe you ** your sons

    Now I’ve ** my sons friends. But ** on

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