I've always wanted. . .

I can't explain it, but why, oh why... are you my brother? Your so disrespectful to your own parents and only older sister. It's like everyday, you tell your father he's stupid and that all the knowledge he knows are from the fourth graders. You even hit you own mother and call her a "B****". And for me, you would gladly and without hesitation swear, kick, punch, point knifes and Bebe guns at the very sister you have. That is so messed up as it is and you know it, but why do you still do it? I know that mom and dad taught us well. We live in a home where parents don't do any drugs and when we need anything they'll gladly give it to you. And still, you do the same crap everyday! I don't get it? For a 12 year old boy I thought you knew more. But I guess not. I wish someday you'd change... And see how much we love you, but the way you treat your own family makes it even harder to love you. But as for this moment, we'll keep living our lives as it is and I will pray for you, asking god for the brother I've always wanted. . .

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  • It sounds like something is off with your brother, have you had any family counseling?

  • No, but every Monday missionaries come over so we can have family home evenings. But he's so deceiving. He only shows his true self to only his family.

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