I met an incredible woman years ago. she was perfect. she was sweet, intelligent, loving, giving and caring. she always gave herself to me gladly when i wanted her both physically and emotionally. she never told me no even when i asked her to do things that made her uncomfortable or nervous. she was modest private Christian woman, and I tested her commitment constantly. i had her strip naked at a construction site and pose for pictures on a piece of heavy equipment, I stood her on a bench and lifted her dress and pulled down her panties so the park workers could enjoy her nakedness. I even f***** her completely naked on the hood of her car at her apartment complex where everyone could see, and she did these things for me gladly.

i knew she was a keeper and the next step as to marry her. I wasn't ready and she needed to be married so i let her go. I was a fool! I know i hurt her and i am so sorry i did. i miss you and still love you, Cynthia Wilson.

May 7

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  • A modest private Christian woman does not act like a s**** for others enjoyment. You should of married her. It seems like she fulfilled all your sexual fantasies. Why did you let her go?

  • Because I was an a-hole. It was stupid

  • I get that. Looking back I so regret letting a certain gf go. We talked about women being submissive and roles for husbands and wives. Her mom was weird though very controlling but not in a protective way. I used to come over a lot and we would have meals together and watch TV and also go out (not with the mom). The mom would talk openly saying things like "I hope you like the way she (the daughter) is dressed" and also she told me, in front of the daughter, "I have put her on birth control". This was the early 1980s and my recollection was that condoms were considered as preventing the spread of STI's and good clean people didn't have STIs and so there was a stigma associated with them. I recall her mom encouraging us to go into the bedroom and have s**. I recall talk about how she should be submissive and I should take the lead.

  • I'm sure she made the man that married her very happy.

  • Now some guy is filling her with babies with his 8" bwc

  • So sad. Cynthia gave you everything and you tossed her to the curb

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