I'm a freak

I love doing kinky things. Alone or with a girl it doesn't matter much. But my girlfriend is the exact opposite. She loves s**, but is very close minded. Anytime I try to introduce her to something sexual that I enjoy she doesn't understand. She either thinks I'm disgusting, scary, or she questions my sexuality.

I love her, but it drives me nuts. I want to share everything, but I feel like I have to keep a huge part of myself a secret from her. I hate having to pretend to be something I'm not, but I can't share that side of me with her.

And it drives me insane sometimes.

May 2, 2011

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  • I just read a post where a person was threatening to end their own life. No one left a comment. NOT ONE!! And I come here and see 14 comments giving advice about how to get your girlfriend to start fingering your a****** while she blows you. We (including myself) are all f***** up!

    ...That being said. Put a quarter in your a****** and tell her if she can get it out before she makes you j*** she can have it. It works. Trust me.

  • I was in that kind of situation for a number of years. It kind of changed over a period of six months when finally my wife and I stumbled into a situation that could be considered swinging (maybe)and that began to open her up. It hurt that she wouldn't open up when I asked her and her reply was "at least i'm there now", which kind of hurt more, but i've moved beyond it. she's not quite as kinky as I like to be, but she has come a long way. I think it would have weighed on my year after year and i think my resentment would eventually have surfaced and i think it could have led to a divorce. i don't know what's best for you, but you somehow have to have a discussion with her. face to face, e-mail exchange.....something. You have to tell her This is what I like and I like to try new things. What are you willing to do for her maybe in exchange for her participating in new things with you? Is she scared people will find out? Is she scared of where it will lead? try to allievate those fears. Let her know what boundries you won't ever ask her to cross.

    Think about what you want to say and figure out how to say it without coming across as blaming her or threatening you'll leave her.

  • So, I am not sure how serious you are with this girl, or what kind of future you want with her, but this is a big deal. If she's not kinky, or she's not willing to meet you halfway, then maybe she's not the right girl for you. S** is a big part of a relationship, so you need to be with somebody who is on the same page with. If you aren't satisfied now, imagine how you'll feel in ten years, twenty years, forty years. That being said I agree with the above poster, you can't spring everything on her at once and expect her to be game immediately. Start slow and expand her comfort zone. Also, make sure to pay attention to what she likes, and make sure she is satisfied to show her you are considerate and trustworthy.

  • I've never tried kinky stuff before . . . I think I should try it.

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