Now I am stuck

I made a huge mistake by being sexual with my niece. She is much younger than me and for her it is simply physical. But I am a romantic and I have all these feelings which apparently she does not. It seems that I think about her constantly and it drives me nuts. I see her every week now and she hardly notices me. I was stupid to do what I did with her (no we did not have intercourse) and now I regret it. I can never have her, she does not want to continue "playing around". So how do I change my heart and just accept it? I am trying to see it as just some fun and move on but my heart won't let me. I need to face the facts and get on with my life and quit thinking of her 24/7. Help...

Sep 18, 2011

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  • Yes I am her uncle, but she is not grossed out. She is the agressor in our relationship. Every time we have done anything it has been her making the first move. Like unbuttoning her shorts and sitting on my lap. Or asking me if she has a tan line then showing me her b******. 2 nights ago I was sitting on the floor with the whole family in the room, she came over and sat on my shoulders. To everyone watching (including her mother) it looked perfectly innocent. But I could feel her squeezing her v***** against the back of my neck as she rubbed my head. I don't think we will have any more "play time" but this latest event and a number of others like that make me feel good. So I am going to continue playing around with her. Just not under her clothes. (unless she makes the first move) She is amazing and if I were to say our ages I know most people would not understand and just call me names. She amazes me and I just love looking into her eyes. I can't help it I love my niece.

  • I suggest getting a girlfriend. Who is not related to you in any way.

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