If you're gay, don't sleep with straight experimenters

I'm lesbian, I just had a breakup, I saw my ex with another girl, so I wanted some consolation. I responded by getting to third base (handjob) with a straight female friend who just wanted to experiment. The next morning I tried to cuddle, because hey, I like cuddling and she was a friend, but she found a reason to get dressed and leave as soon as possible. Then I just felt hollow, because I missed being with someone who actually wants me. Now I'm wondering what the f*** is going to become of my friendship with the straight girl, and whether I've completely killed any respect my other friends have for me.

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  • She shouldn't have let you finger her, if she was going to regret it.I think she feels ashamed of herself,probably, for liking what you did to her!! Maybe she's now confused and wondering if she's a lesbian, straight or bi.Maybe, she has more than just friends feelings now, towards you and she needed space to think.

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