One night, in college, as a birthday

One night, in college, as a birthday wish granted from my boyfriend, i had s** with him and his two roommates. It started as us hanging out - watching football, than they did body shots off me. To this point, all of them were being nice, and since I was only girl in the room, I felt a strong since of power, was flirting with them all. I had on short skirt and sexy little tank top. Than I went in the other room, and my BF told his roommates what my wish was.

One at a time, they came in the room and did their thing. Started and finished with my BF. I was tired out, and barely remember the 2nd time my BF did it. Part of me felt excited and was happy to do it one time....

I have a video tape of much of the nights events, I get it out from time to time, but hide it from my husband. I feel like I may share this with him sometime, but not sure what he would think

Jul 8, 2010

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  • If that is what you and your boyfriend both wanted, then more power to you. But, now you are MARRIED, and if you should be stupid enough to show your husband, if he is a man, he will leave your ass. Keep things like that to yourself, and you may want to destroy the tape, I mean what if your kids found it or something?

  • Yeah, your husband would think you're a s***. Don't show him.

  • I'd look at you as a w**** do yourself a favor and don't show him the tape

  • Don't tell him. He may think badly of you even though it was a long time ago.

  • personally, i think it's kinda hot that u f***** all those guys one after another. ur husband will prolly think it's hot too, but he might be upset that u hid it from him. if he's the kind of guy that's into p***, he prolly won't think badly of u. on the other hand, if he's really religious or oldfashioned, i think u should keep the secret.

  • I had a somewhat similar decission. I did a strip tease for my than fiance and some of his friends. Some pictures were made. I have the pictures.... Me in some very suggestive positions....and very little - if any clothing.

    Well- The Fiance I had - did not work out - and now I have a differnt fiance (This strip act took place 4 years ago).

    My new fiance has been turned out by the pics and the idea. You are gives a great sense of power....

  • Just joke around a little and ask silly questions like, "How would you feel if I became a hippie and lived in a tree?" and then ask how he would feel if you had that videotape and see how he reacts. If it's negative, then ask some more silly questions so he won't notice. =)

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