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I am married 23 years and the last 10 have been sexless, only once in the last 10 years. I stayed for the kids. Before I get shade from this I want to provide additional information I have had a discussion with my wife about the treatment I received from her. She has even been open that if I wanted a divorce she would react by getting in shape and making me jealous. Now the ways she has changes since married include, she does very little house work I do all of the cooking, most of the cleaing, all of the exterior work, I cannot recall the last time she gave a hug or even did anything nice or had a kind word. We are basically roommates and she is the slobby one whenever has money, her pay is more than mine and she works less hours. By that the pay is now pretty even, but she is still slightly more. When she is home she lays on the sofa and watches TV. As an aside the one and only time my wife and I had ** was within the last year right after my birthday, she said it was my birthday present woke me up with oral, then climbed on she finished, I did not. This happened roughly 2 weeks after me venting frustration to her that I feel like she doesnt care and will not help at all around the house and I feel as though I am a roommate and if I were to leave she woudnt care. After this she started chipping in a little more cash to cover bills, (yes we have separate accounts) and she has started doing dishes once a week.

My wifes brother and I have gone out to bars over the years and he knows how his sister is and has been encouraging me to end my marriage because I deserve better. On one such outting he talked me into going to a ** and I found the human touch of a dancer to be relaxing, also to have a woman just sit and listen actually care what I have to say. I know some readers may say these are just because they are paid and I know that. Well after this time I have started going to clubs and over the years I have been able to talk to a couple. I have one in particular over the last year who I have seen 4 times. It started out by talking and getting a lap dance, She complained her neck was hurting as well as her calves, so I massaged them. Yes it added two songs to drag things out but she said it relieved her pain. Over the times I have seen her most of the massage is done at the table while talking I think of the 4 visits only 2 have resulted in lap dances. The last time I visited, was more of a lower back and abdominal massage, part was in the back part was in the front, she made the comment she would pay me for a massage like that. I thought it odd, but after the massage she offered her contact info, said to think it over and reach out to her if I was interested. This dancer has given me the story that she started dancing to pay for schooling after a divorce, she went back to college in late 20s and is going for her masters. So she is not the typical 21 year old college student dancing for drugs. I just think this is weird she offered her number I did not take it but it has me thinking. Considering I am getitng my ducks in a row for an exit from my marriage, should I consider this?

May 8

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  • Yeah I feel your pain, but a stripper is not the answer. Maybe to bang your brains out, but not to marry. Sorry dude below.

  • I married a stripper 41 years ago, I enjoyed watching her at her craft. There have been many a wife that got great ** from their husbands because of the fire my wife started in their husbands.

  • My wife wasn’t a stripper but did strip on stage for my birthday once. I watched her get naked on stage for a packed house. I enjoyed watching her and watching others watch her. If she had wanted to work there I would have said yes and would’ve gone to watch her dance. It was just hot watching her flaunt her naked body to the cheers (and tips) offered by the crowd.

  • Careful with strippers. No matter what you are told, they are 100% coin-operated and carneys. And your brother-in-law is right-you really should end that marriage ASAP and be better to yourself.

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