Husbands friend

When I was dating my husband he had a roommate that was also his good friend. One night I wanted to have s** and he didn't have any condoms. We then went rifling through his roommates draws and found some. To my disappointment these condoms where too damn big for my loves p****. I couldn't believe it because my now husband is not small. It really turned me on that his roommate had such a large one. He's such a nice guy and very humble. I was very curious to see this thing. At the time he was my boyfriend and he worked night in a civil service capacity. One night I dropped by the apartment to pickup my clothes for work. He just finished a run and we started chatting in he living room. The next thing I know we are watching an old stephen king movie on the couch. My feet are up on the couch and we just locked eyes and he told me to put my head on his lap. Like an a hole I did and could feel his erection on the side of my face. He then starts to unzip his pants and takes this weird looking p**** out. It just kept unfolding and I wasn't resisting. His d*** was very fat and I sucked him off and swallowed it all and it was never spoken about again. He is the god father to my daughter and he is a great man. Even though it was before I was married I still feel guilt.


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  • Forget the aren't a s***, and you did nothing wrong. And even if you had, the statute of limitation on both parties' guilt long ago ran out. Put it out of your mind, except as a pleasant sexual memory.

  • you are a nasty b**** you freak

  • Well u should feel guilty you s*** bag

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